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Powerbrake Brake Pads

Brake Pads

At Powerbrake we stock over 20 different high-performance road and race pad compounds manufactured by five of the world’s leading high-performance and race pad manufacturers. This allows us to carefully tailor the friction material to best suite each one of the diverse range of Matched Brake Upgrade kits that we produce for street, 4x4, track day and full-race applications.


As an independent manufacturer of discs (rotors) and big brake kits, we are not bound to a single pad manufacturer but rather have a company policy of testing as many friction materials as possible, in conjunction with our various disc designs and brake kits. In fact the complex interaction between different schools of friction materials and the disc or caliper design has become a key area of specialization for Powerbrake.


Please select the option below that best suits your application in order to find out more about the pads compounds that we can offer:



High Performance Street Pads

Powerbrake Brake Pads



Crossover / Track Day Pads

Powerbrake Brake Pads


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