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Powerbrake PB44L Big Brake Kits

PB44L Big Brake Kits




Our PB44L big brake kits are 'professional-grade' kits that have earned an excellent reputation on race cars both in our domestic and export markets. The kits are identical to those that we supply to numerous Touring Car, Production Car and V8 Supercar race teams. Our PB44L calipers are designed for use on medium weight race cars and track day cars weighing up to 3500lbs. The kits include our top-selling PB44L billet 4-piston calipers featuring separate-pad-per-piston technology, which practically eliminates the occurrence of tapered pad wear and provides unmatched pedal feel and feedback. The separate pad-per-piston design also allows for a large, solid billet caliper bridge to be positioned low between the pads resulting in increased rigidity and reduced caliper flex under braking.


Unlike some multi-pad OEM calipers that use thin padlets (with small friction material volumes) in their designs, the pads used in our PB44L calipers are 0,650” (16,5 mm) thick and have a combined pad surface area that rivals many 6-piston calipers on the market. These calipers have comfortably outperformed many competitive 6-piston calipers in back to back tests under race conditions.


While our PB44L calipers are designed to withstand the extreme conditions encountered in professional motor sports, they feature full internal dust seals that keep road debris away from the pressure seals and other key components. This makes the calipers suitable for long-term road use as well.



The 2-piece, GT-Series rotors included in our PB44L kits are made up of a rotor friction ring attached to a lightweight billet aluminum hat. The hat and rotor are attached by twelve high-tensile drive bobbins and custom manufactured bolts. We produce a range of different drive bobbins that allow us to adjust the amount of axial float on our 2-piece rotor assemblies from zero to 0.02”. Customers can specify when ordering whether they prefer the rotors in their kits to be supplied in our “semi-floating” or “full-floating” configurations.


The semi-floating configuration allows the rotors to expand and contract radially without interference during heating and cooling cycles but provides no axial float. Our semi-floating configuration is recommended for any car that is street driven or used for dual-purpose street/track applications due to its quiet operation. For technical reasons, we recommend our full-floating rotor configuration for full race applications. This configuration allows for radial expansion and contraction as well as free axial float.


The fact that our semi-floating rotor assemblies allow rotor friction rings to expand and contract independently from the rotor hats, substantially reduces stresses within the rotor caused by rotor expansion at high operating temperatures. The design results in improved pedal consistency as well as reduced rotor distortion and cracking.


Our full-floating assemblies, which allow for both radial expansion and axial float, also allow the rotor to center itself within the caliper and can reduce piston knock back issues that result from extreme bearing flex during cornering in race applications. Generally we limit the supply of full-floating rotor assemblies to pure race applications as a rattling sound will be heard from the full floating rotors if used on street cars when driving over uneven surfaces on public roads.


As with all our big brake kits, each kit is tailored to the target vehicle in question. This involves careful software modeling of correct brake balance, brake torque outputs and pedal travel. The result is that the caliper piston diameters in each kit are specified to match the target vehicle in question. Brake balance with the kit is optimized to suite the ABS, EBD and other vehicle stability control systems.


Powerbrake GT Series rotors



Our PB44L big brake kits include:



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