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Powerbrake Braided Hoses
Duraline Brake Hoses

Brake Hoses: DuraLine™

Stainless Steel braided Teflon



From the factory, most cars are fitted with flexible rubber brake hoses that connect the hard brake lines (attached to the car’s bodywork or chassis) to the calipers (or wheel cylinders in the case of drum brakes). The rubber brake hoses are made up of an inner lining that is resistant to brake fluid, followed by one or two layers of material braid and a final outer rubber protective coating. While rubber hoses provide the flexibility necessary for wheel articulation, they expand considerably under heavy braking resulting in an unwanted long, spongy brake pedal. Rubber brake hoses also age poorly and most vehicle manufacturers recommend frequent inspection and periodic replacement.


Professional race teams have specified stainless steel braided brake hoses for decades due to the vastly improved pedal feel, quicker system response time and increased durability of these assemblies. When it comes to braking, any sponginess or compliance in the system is bad because it reduces the driver’s ability to modulate their braking and avoid unwanted wheel lockup. Some very interesting research has been conducted into the fact that the human brain can modulate pressure far better than movement. So, the bottom line is that you want your brake pedal movement to be short and firm, as opposed to travelling excessively under hard braking. Enter our DuraLine™ Stainless Steel braided Teflon brake hoses, which expand about 30 times less than OEM rubber hoses. This dramatically improves the feel and feedback you get from your brakes and makes it easier for you to modulate your braking at the point before wheel lockup. The minimal hose expansion also reduces the time required for effective pressure to reach the calipers and start the braking process. This decreased system reaction time has been shown in independent tests to offer meaningful reductions in stopping distances under emergency braking.



Powerbrake DuraLine™ hoses feature an extruded Teflon inner lining that is highly resistant to the aggressive chemical properties of modern brake fluids, as well as being able to handle far higher temperatures than rubber. The Teflon lining is covered by 32 strands of tightly woven stainless steel braid that acts as the muscle of the hose, providing incredible resistance to expansion under pressure. Many competitive products use cheaper, inferior PVC inner linings and 24 strand braiding in order to save costs. Our stainless braid is covered with a polymeric outer layer that prevents dirt from getting between the stainless braid and the Teflon inner lining. In line with our goal to produce the most durable performance brake products on the market, the end fittings on our DuraLine™ hoses are machined from Grade-303 stainless steel as opposed to the zinc-plated, mild steel fittings used by many competitors. The resulting DuraLine™ hose assemblies offer such incredible durability that we guarantee them for the life of the vehicle - under road conditions.



Powerbrake DuraLine™ hoses can be supplied in kit form for most popular cars. Our kits contain all necessary hoses and hardware to replace the stock rubber brake hoses on the vehicle in question. Alternatively, DuraLine hose assemblies can be made to order in our factory to customer specifications.



To complete the installation of your DuraLine™ hose kit, we also offer ultra-high-temperature, synthetic brake fluid that is compatible with any vehicle that uses DOT 3 or 4 brake fluid from the factory.


Powerbrake DuraLine™ brake hoses are the new industry benchmark for high-performance street and race use.



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