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September 2010

Powerbrake Racing News

Powerbrake strong in Regional Racing 

While the 2010 season has been filled with successes in GT Challenge, Production Cars and VW Challenge, Powerbrake would like to thank the numerous customers that choose to race on our products in the many popular regional race series in our domestic market.


The 2010 season has seen a substantial increase in the number regional race teams that have chosen to invest in Powerbrake GT Series race kits (which include GT-Series front brake rotors and matched race pads that are selected by Powerbrake to offer optimum performance on the vehicle platform in question). Feedback from numerous regional-level race customers confirms that they have not only experienced substantial increases in brake performance and consistency but also in disc and pad wear life after moving to Powerbrake GT Series race kits.


We have seen substantial growth in Superhatch, Silvercup, Modified Production Cars and Super Saloons during the 2010 season.


Many of the regional race series in our domestic market specify the use of 15’ wheels. These rules result in most teams having to run OEM calipers and standard diameter discs. As a result - extreme brake temperatures (in excess of 650 deg C) are commonly recorded. Powerbrake customers have come to rely on GT Series rotors and carefully selected race pad compounds to maximize performance and product life under these extreme conditions.


Click the links for detailed info on our GT Series discs and Race pads.









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