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April 2010

Powerbrake Racing News

Team Hondaworks USA chooses Powerbrake for their new World Challenge race car

The Hondaworks race team consists of team owner John Whitaker (Bethlehem PA), driver/mechanic Kevin Helms (Charlotte NC) and crew members Erik Olson, John Oldt and Logan Helms.


With a strong history racing Honda/Acura production-based cars, the team is now focused on their latest goal, which is to campaign a newly built Acura RSX-based race car in the World Challenge GTS class. The new car will be joining the series mid-season during 2010.



The competitive World-Challenge Series includes events held at circuits throughout the United States and Canada and provides teams, manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers a competitive production-based race series in which to prove their products. Races are typically 50-minutes in duration, with the number of laps and total race-distance being determined by track configuration, lap times and race conditions.


The team ran a Powerbrake PB44L/330x32mm brake kit on their 1998 model Acura Integra Type-R (ITR) during the 2009 season. The ITR has a JDM k20a motor producing 236hp and weighs in at about 1090kg’s (2400lbs). The car, which is normally driven by John Whitaker, has been raced successfully in numerous different series but is currently being campaigned in the NASA (National Auto Sport Association) Performance Touring A-Class. This means that the ITR competes against V8-powered cars such as Mustangs and Corvettes.






Based on their experience with the Powerbrake PB44L kit on the ITR, the Hondaworks team approached Powerbrake to supply brakes for their new World Challenge car. The title sponsor for the car is to be DBA USA (the US division of brake disc/rotor manufacturer Discs Brakes Australia). The team therefore asked if the engineers at Powerbrake we would be willing to work with their counterparts at DBA to match Powerbrake PB44L billet race calipers to DBA rotors resulting in a caliper/rotor combination that would offer the brake performance, consistency and durability that the team is looking for on the new car.


Within a matter of weeks, people working on three continents, had collaborated to design and manufacture the new brake kit. The Powerbrake PB44L calipers, billet mounting brackets and rotor hats were shipped from Powerbrake’s manufacturing facility in Pretoria, South Africa to Charlotte, North Carolina - where the hats were matched to DBA 5000-series rotors and fitted to the car. DBA 5000-series rotors have earned a very good reputation worldwide in motorsport and heavy-duty applications. The rotors feature DBA’s patented Kangaroo-Paw cooling vane technology and Thermal Stability Profiling.


The third brake manufacturer involved in the project is Carbotech Performance Brakes based in Concord, North Carolina. Carbotech manufacture the well-known XP range of Ceramic-based race pads that have been used by the Hondaworks Team for years with very good results. Carbotech race pads are available through Powerbrake in the South African domestic market.


The new Acura RSX World Challenge car will run a combination K24/K20 motor, producing around 275hp and will weigh in at about 1090kg’s (2400lbs). The World Challenge GTS class will see the Acura RSX racing against numerous V8-engined rivals. Powerbrake would like to wish Team Hondaworks the very best for their new World Challenge project. We look forward to working with the team moving forward.



For detailed info on our PB44L billet race calipers – click here


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