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February 2011

Powerbrake Products News

New Powerbrake GT series kit releases

With the aim of continually expanding our vehicle application list, Powerbrake has added a number of new references to its successful line of GT Series brake upgrade kits. The kits include a set of front Powerbrake GT Series high-performance slotted discs and a matched set of front high-performance brake pads.


Powerbrake’s GT Series slotted discs are manufactured using our latest cast iron alloys for maximum friction co-efficient and durability. The discs then undergo multiple stress-relieving processes during manufacture, that result in an extremely stable disc casting that is far more resistant to distortion and cracking than OEM discs.


Pad compounds in the GT Series kits are selected on a vehicle by vehicle basis by Powerbrake’s technical staff to ensure optimal performance on each vehicle platform.


Each kit has been extensively tested by us to provide the maximum performance and durability, when used in conjunction with the discs in the kit, on the car in question. The kit will offer strong, quiet, fade-free braking and excellent disc and pad life. You can expect a noticeable improvement in brake performance, with far better fade resistance during emergency stops or mountain descents as well as improved wet weather braking. In terms of durability, you should get very good disc and pad life compared to the OE components.


Powerbrake GT Series brake upgrade kits are direct replacement items. In other words the high-performance discs and pads in the kits will fit as per the original parts. No further modifications or spacers are necessary for fitment.


New GT Series kit releases include:


For more information on our GT Series brake upgrade kit for your vehicle - click here.




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