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February 2011

Powerbrake Products News

New Powerbrake All Terrain kit releases

Responding to market requests, Powerbrake has added a number of new references to its highly successful line of All Terrain Series brake upgrade kits for 4x4’s. The kits include a set of front Powerbrake All Terrain Series high-performance slotted discs and a matched set of front high-performance brake pads.


The All Terrain Series disc design offers reduced brake fade, improved brake response and class-lead disc wear life. The pads in the All Terrain kits have been carefully selected from the world’s leading high-performance pad manufacturers to offer improved stopping power, fade resistance and wear life when used in combination with Powerbrake’s All terrain disc design. The matched disc / pad combination offers a substantial upgrade over OEM / standard aftermarket parts.


Powerbrake All terrain Series brake upgrade kits are direct replacement items. In other words the high-performance discs and pads in the kits will fit as per the original parts. No further modifications are necessary to the vehicle for fitment.


New All Terrain kit releases include:


For more information on our All Terrain Series brake upgrade kit for your 4x4 or SUV - click here.




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