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July 2010

Powerbrake Product News

Powerbrake releases PB44L/350x34mm big brake kit for Audi TT Series-1 & S3

Powerbrake has completed development on a new big brake kit for the Audi TT, S3 platform. The kit features rotors and calipers that have been proven at the highest levels of motorsport including: Wesbank V8 Supercars and A/T-Class Bridgestone Production Cars. The front kit includes: large 350x34mm 2-piece floating Powerbrake GT-Series slotted discs (featuring staggered cooling vane technology), Powerbrake PB44L billet radial-mount calipers, billet caliper mounting brackets, s/steel braided brake lines, high-temperature brake fluid and all necessary mounting hardware.



The massive PB44L 4-piston billet calipers feature separate pad-per-piston technology, which eliminates the occurrence of tapered pad wear and provides unmatched pedal feel and feedback. The separate pad-per-piston design also allows for a large, solid billet caliper bridge to be positioned low between the pads resulting in unmatched rigidity and reduced caliper flex under braking. While Powerbrake PB44L calipers are designed to withstand the extreme conditions encountered in professional motor sports, they feature full internal dust seals that keep road debris away from the pressure seals and other key components. This makes the calipers suitable for long-term road use as well.




The 2-piece floating rotor assemblies include friction rings that feature Powerbrake’s staggered cooling vane technology resulting in optimal cooling and reduced operating temperatures. The floating design allows for the rotor friction rings to expand and contract independent of the lightweight billet aluminum rotor mounting bells as they heat and cool, hereby reducing dynamic stresses in the rotor assemblies.



Proven on 450kw V8 race cars - this high-level motorsport-spec kit will comfortably handle both high-performance street and advanced track day use, while providing a massive improvement in brake performance, consistency and wear life. Powerbrake can supply over 70 different high-performance street, track day and full-race pad compounds for our PB44L calipers.



For detailed information on our PB44L big brake kits, click here



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