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July 2010

Powerbrake Product News

Powerbrake releases PB42E big brake kit for Ford Fiesta ST150

Powerbrake has completed development on our new big brake kit for the popular Ford Fiesta ST150. The front kit includes increased diameter 300x24mm, 1-piece Powerbrake GT-Series slotted discs (rotors), Powerbrake PB42E billet radial-mount calipers, billet caliper mounting brackets, s/steel braided brake lines, high-temperature brake fluid and all necessary mounting hardware.



The PB42E caliper is the exact same unit currently used front and rear on Pieter Joubert’s turbo-charged B-Class GT Challenge Lotus Exige race car, which puts out in the region of 450hp. The caliper features heavy-duty stainless steel pistons, which reduce heat-transfer to the caliper seals and brake fluid. Although designed to withstand the conditions encountered in professional race applications, the design incorporates internal wiper seals that protect the pressure seals from wear caused by road debris and brake dust, hereby ensuring excellent long-term service under street conditions as well.



The big brake kit will substantially reduce front brake temperatures resulting in improved brake consistency and disc/pad wear life.  Other benefits include: increased brake torque, reduced stopping distances, reduced brake fade and a substantially improved pedal feel. The kit is carefully designed to integrate with the OEM brake actuation and rear brake system on the ST150 resulting in optimum brake balance and compatibility with the vehicle’s ABS system.



Powerbrake can supply over 70 different high-performance street, track day and full-race pad compounds for our PB42E calipers. When used with the correct pad compound the new PB42E / 300x24mm big brake kit for the ST150 is an ideal upgrade for fast-road or track day use.


For detailed info on our PB42E big brake kits – click here


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