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March 2010

Powerbrake Product News

Powerbrake releases PB42E big brake kit for the Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV

After working closely with Classic Alfa experts Clive and Grant Densham on the development of the kit, we launched our new PB42E / 272mm big brake kit for the classic Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV in March this year. Shortly after it's launch we supplied one of the new kits to Mark Klinkert, son of well-known historic racer Frank Klinkert, who is a long term Powerbrake customer and has run Powerbrake PB44 big brake kits (front and rear) on his 500hp Cobra race car with great success for years.



Mark’s beautifully restored Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce (GTV) has an interesting history. The car was the first Alfa 1750 to roll of the South African production line in 1970 (a fact that he pays homage to with his current registration plate). The car was later rallied by Neels Vermaak and "Spotty" Woodhead and won the famous LM (Lorenzo Marques) Rally. Years later the little Alfa was purchased by Mark, who restored it while at university. It served as his daily driver for a number of years. The car was then parked up for a while until Mark decided to bring it back to it’s former glory and start racing the car in the Alfa Trofeo Series as well as other historic race events such as the Kyalami 9-hour revival.



In preparation for the intended race use, Mark had Clive Densham fit an LS diff and do some suspension work on the car. The Alfa’s motor also received attention. The heads were flowed and ported, the crank knife edged and the flywheel lightened. The end result is about 100bhp at the wheels. Since the car is basically being raced in full street trim (including all original glass) and weighs in at 1040kg, the OEM brakes were considered a bit marginal for sprint race use. The final piece of the puzzle was therefore to bring the brakes up to a level that could handle the temperatures generated under race conditions.



Powerbrake engineers were in the final stages of development on the new Classic Alfa big brake kit when Mark made contact, so the timing couldn’t have been better. Mark fitted the new Powerbrake big brake kit in March and wasted no time in getting out on track to test the brake setup within a week or so of fitting the kit. Initial feedback was extremely positive and Mark has since competed in numerous race events with very good results. Front caliper temperatures are running below 130 deg C and front disc (rotor) temps are also moderate. The 18mm thick Endless CCRg pads supplied with Mark’s kit are showing almost zero wear after a number of race weekends and will last extremely well at the temperatures that the front discs are running at.




Mark describes his new brakes as being “strong enough to stop time” and says that the brake fade that he used to experience on-track with the OEM brakes has been completely eliminated. He goes on to say, “I’m starting to leave the braking so late that it feels like I’m running at a wall”. The bottom line is that since fitting the Powerbrake PB42 big brake kit and having the suspension work done Mark is 4 seconds a lap faster than before at Zwartkops raceway, outside Pretoria, where he does much of his racing.




For detailed info on our PB42E big brake kits – click here

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