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Reseller Programme

Powerbrake™ is looking for dealers who are able to re-sell and/or install our line of brake discs and matched upgrade kits. Our reseller program offers three different discount structures making provision for resellers ranging from small workshops and performance parts retailers to large spares outlets and wholesalers.


Powerbrake™ offers extensive telephone support in the form of technical advice and will guide the reseller through the sale and (if necessary) fitment process in order to ensure that the end user is provided with the Powerbrake disc design and compatible brake pad compound that best suites his driving style and vehicle model. It is highly recommended that resellers make use of this service for at least the first few sales until they are more familiar with the various Powerbrake disc designs.


Although Powerbrake™ does not enter into sole distribution agreements by geographic area, we do reserve the right to limit the number of resellers in a particular retail area in order to maintain a stable distribution model.


Level 1 - Reseller:


Specifically aimed at clutch & brake fitment centres, general workshops, fast-fitment centres. Allows the fitment centre to offer a performance upgrade option when replacing a customer’s brake discs and pads. Fitment centre should consider offering Powerbrake discs to vehicle owners that have a spirited driving style, regularly travel mountain passes, tow or carry heavy loads or want to upgrade the performance and durability of brakes.





Level 2 - Reseller:


Specifically aimed at small to medium size performance parts retailers and spares outlets. Level 2 resellers buy Powerbrake rotors on a regular basis but do not necessarily carry stock on the shelf. Powerbrake provides technical assistance for each sales and stock is generally ordered as required to fill and end user sale.





Level 3 - Reseller:


Aimed at resellers that buy regularly and carry stock of Powerbrake rotors for immediate supply to customers. In some cases Level 3 resellers will wholesale Powerbrake rotors to workshops and fitment centres in their geographic area as well as selling to end users. Level 3 resellers should have a solid knowledge of Powerbrake’s different disc designs, their correct application and automotive braking in general. Powerbrake will be available to offer more advanced technical support.





Discount structures
Product Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Pro Street™ series discs 12.5% 25% 30%
Die Hard™ series discs 12.5% 25% 30%
All Terrain™ 4x4 series discs 12.5% 25% 30%
Matched upgrade kits 12.5% 25% 30%
Enthusiast pads 12.5% 20% 20%
Race pads n/a n/a n/a

** Discounts are subject to change without prior notice **


Payment terms & details:


Due to the niche nature of Powerbrake products all payments are to be made in advance. Orders will only be shipped once proof of payment has be received. Payments can be made by Electronic Fund Tansfer (EFT), Credit Card (Master or Visa) or cash bank deposit. Please fax proof of payment to 012 – 993 1221 or email to sales@powerbrake.co.za 


Bank details for EFT or cash deposits:


Nedbank - Hatfield
Acc # 160 223 1532
Branch # 160 245


Credit card payments:


For payment by credit card, please contact us for our credit card authorisation form.


Contact details:


Tel: +27 12 998 0214
Fax: +27 12 993 1221
Email: sales@powerbrake.co.za

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Call Powerbrake on +27 12 803 0155 or +27 12 803 0092. Email: sales@powerbrake.co.za